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humanity is still arguing about the big question. So now it's your turn to state your opinion: Who would win in a battle against each other, Son Goku or Superman?



I’m going to go with Inuyasha.


why are like 90% of inuyasha fanfictions modern aus y’all are sooooo zzzzzzzzz




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Didn't the anime and manga spend a lot of time emphasizing the fact that Kikyo and Kagome (despite Kagome being a reincarnation of Kikyo) are definitely different people?



Oh, they are. It’s an important part of the story, I wouldn’t take that away from them. The thing is, despite being totally different individuals, you have to realize that their soul is the same person. Let me explain. 

Coming from someone who believes in and has done her homework on Reincarnation, the way I see it is a progression. You take Kikyou’s story on one end, and line up Kagome’s on the other, and it’s one long tale. Kagome is Kikyou’s character development, the ordinary woman, and the woman capable of loving Inuyasha, that Kikyou always wanted to be. I think that’s the reason Kikyou showed so much contempt toward Kagome, and why when she was dying, she was so at peace. Kikyou realized, in her final moments, that she’d get her wish. “I am finally an ordinary woman,” was Kikyou seeing her future in Kagome. 

So it’s not that they’re different people, it’s why they’re different people. Kikyou seems so much older, colder, and more mature than Kagome, because she had to be. She got a shitty hand in life and she learned to deal with it, still remembering to be kind and laugh, no matter how quiet it was. Kagome, on the other hand, is young, and wild, and insecure, and temperamental, and loves so deeply and without hesitation. 

In the end, Kagome is the older soul. Somewhere in her memory, she carries both Kikyou’s and her own burdens, and it makes her so incredibly strong and compassionate. 


The gang…


Younger Miroku!